Dears, there is a certain film that we couldn't help but discuss more closely - a film that is special to us, because it was from it that our work in preparing the Festival started "in full swing" - the first officially confirmed film in the program of the first edition of Eurasia! To this day we remember the email from Artur, who gave us this news, and we have no doubt that - as he wrote - we will remember this title also in ten years.

This film is the Romanian "Metronome" directed by Alexandru Belc, in which the director abruptly shifts from ethereal coming-of-age cinema to a heart-wrenching political drama, blurring the boundary between the private and the public spheres. With long, carefully thought out takes he intensifies suspense that’s been building up since the first scene. Entangled with political and historical processes changing Romanian reality into the oppressive and merciless system, the teenage characters seem to be doomed.

We invite you to the Atlantic cinema on April 23, at 18:00. The film will be shown in its original language with subtitles in Polish and English.


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